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"When our guests arrive at Chenrezig Hall, they will be greeted with the open arms
of the Buddha of Compassion."
- Ven. Thubten Chodron, Abbess



Chenrezig Hall (en Español)

Kuan Yin
This statue will greet guests when they arrive at Chenrezig Hall.

Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion. With one thousand arms, he reaches out to care for all living beings and the aptly named Chenrezig Hall will care for the Abbey community and guests.

Chenrezig Hall is the first stop when a guest arrives at Sravasti Abbey and will also provide vital facilities for the monastic community.

Before Chenrezig Hall, the Abbey’s main building, Ananda Hall,was the site of cooking, dining, administrative offices, video teachings, meetings, small group teachings, library, guest library, resident and guests men’s quarters, food storage, and supply storage. All of that in 3000 square feet!

Chenrezig Hall more than tripled our capacity. At just under 10,000 square feet, Chenrezig Hall includes:

  • Accommodations for at least 17 guests
  • A spacious, well-equipped kitchen & pantry
  • Large dining room
  • A spiritual counseling room
  • Chapel
  • Dharma classroom / multi-purpose room
  • A large statue of Kuan Yin, the female form of the Buddha of Compassion, to welcome guests to Sravasti Abbey

Chenrezig Hall offers a place of community, a refuge, to share the Buddha’s teachings to bring peace to our chaotic world.

Go here to see photos of the progress and here to watch construction videos.

Like all Abbey projects, Chenrezig Hall was made possible through the kindess and generosity of benefactors around the world.

Placing beams for the deck.

images/sitepic1The future dining room of Chenrezig Hall.